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    systemd: enable multiple processes with socket activation · 4905226d
    Tomas Krizek authored
    In order to be able to spawn multiple processes with socket activation,
    systemd template (see systemd.unit(5)) is used. This allows the user to
    create any amount of instances by simply providing a unique name for
    each of them. The most sensible instance identifiers are natural
    numbers, but any convention could be used.
    The default recommended service name becomes kresd@1.service, replacing
    the older kresd.service. Sockets are renamed in a similar way. Users are
    able to take advantage of bash expansion to spawn/control multiple
    processes, e.g. "systemctl start kresd@{1..16}.service"
    The socket-activated service can now be launched directly with
    "systemctl start kresd@1.service", which will request the associated
    sockets without the need for any extra priviledges or capabilities.
    Stopping the kresd service now also stops the associated sockets.
    Stopping any individual socket is an isolated opration now (stopping
    kresd@1.socket no longer stop kresd-tls@1.socket and
    Users and packagers are also encouraged to use drop-in files for extra
    configuration or modifications to ensure compatibility with their
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