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Documentation of plugin for ckeditor and bootstrap

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......@@ -29,6 +29,28 @@ if needed.
You can use it simply by adding new plugin called **Form** from section **Forms** and then add any
sub-plugins with form fields from section **Form Fields**.
`Project page <>`_
Plugin to provide wysiwyg text editor for the users.
Note difference between CKEditor for admin users and for regular users. CKEditor is included
in Django CMS and is used for editing texts on the page. Its config is in `CKEDITOR_CONFIGS`.
This plugin is a plugin to show editor for the regular user and you can configure it in
`Project page <>`_
Plugins of some Bootstrap components. We had to use Bootstrap 3 as the latest 4 wasn't
avaialble in all plugins. And still isn't.
For the information about Bootstrap follow `Bootstrap documentation <>`.
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