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    bash: enable non-detectable features; unify indents · 9e098545
    Jan Čermák authored
    Some of the features can't be detected when cross-compiling Bash.
    Two of the most missed (at least for me) are named pipes and job
    control. This patch enables these two through configure vars.
    Arguments to the ./configure can be passed through CONFIGURE_ARGS, no
    need to override Build/Configure.
    use CONFIGURE_ARGS, pass autodetect overrides in _ARGS, not _VARS
    Also, overrides for the features that can't be detected during
    cross-compilation have to be passed through ARGS because passing them
    through environment (VARS) does not propagate to ./config.status.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJan Čermák <jan.cermak@nic.cz>
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