Verified Commit aac423a4 authored by Vojtech Myslivec's avatar Vojtech Myslivec 🚀

cznic-cacert-bundle: Remove custom LE intermedietes bundle

parent f065bc47
......@@ -28,10 +28,10 @@ define Package/$(PKG_NAME)/postinst
[ -n "$$IPKG_INSTROOT" ] || {
# TODO: If ever anything gets removed from this list, use -r, not delete it manually.
/usr/sbin/cert-backup \
/etc/ssl/www_turris_cz_ca.pem \
/etc/ssl/turris.pem \
/usr/bin/get-api-crl \
/etc/ssl/ucollect-server.pem \
-r /etc/ssl/www_turris_cz_ca.pem \
-r /etc/ssl/startcom.pem \
-r /etc/ssl/api.turris.pem
......@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ define Package/$(PKG_NAME)/install
$(INSTALL_DIR) $(1)/etc/ssl/
# TODO: If anything is modified here, it needs to be updated in the postinst too
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/cacerts/emergency-ca/ca.crt $(1)/etc/ssl/turris.pem
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/cacerts/letsencrypt.pem $(1)/etc/ssl/www_turris_cz_ca.pem
$(INSTALL_DATA) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/cacerts/ucollect-server.pem $(1)/etc/ssl/
ln -s /tmp/crl.pem $(1)/etc/ssl/crl.pem
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