Commit 8641ae74 authored by Michal Hrusecky's avatar Michal Hrusecky 🦎

mariadb: More devel files

parent 6623b64e
......@@ -130,8 +130,8 @@ define Build/InstallDev
$(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/include/mysql $(1)/usr/include/
# NOTE: needed for MySQL-Python
$(CP) $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/include/mysqld_error.h $(1)/usr/include/mysql/
$(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/mariadb $(1)/usr/lib/
rm -f $(1)/usr/lib/*.la
$(CP) $(PKG_INSTALL_DIR)/usr/lib/* $(1)/usr/lib/
rm -f $(1)/usr/lib/*.la $(1)/usr/lib/mysql/*.la $(1)/usr/lib/mariadb/*.la
define Package/libmariadbclient/install
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