Commit 3a4b1280 authored by Jan Pavlinec's avatar Jan Pavlinec

resolver-conf: fix

read rundir path from kresd uci config
remove debug print from
fix removing unbound static leases
parent 05677dc7
......@@ -105,9 +105,7 @@ class Kresd:
sock.sendall(cmd + "\n")
print "__call_kresd", cmd
ret = sock.recv(4096)
print "ret", ret
return ret
except socket.error, msg:
......@@ -128,10 +126,14 @@ class Kresd:
class Unbound:
def __init__(self, dhcp_dynamic_leases="/tmp/dhcp.leases.dynamic"):
def __init__(self,
# check if files exists.....
self._dhcp_dynamic_leases = dhcp_dynamic_leases
self.__dhcp_dynamic_leases = dhcp_dynamic_leases
self.__static_leases = static_leases
self.__dynamic_leases_enabled = uci_get_bool("resolver.common.dynamic_domains", False)
self.__static_leases_enabled = uci_get_bool("resolver.common.static_domains", False)
self.__local_suffix = uci_get("dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].local").replace("/", "")
def _call_unbound(self, cmd, arg=""):
......@@ -154,9 +156,20 @@ class Unbound:
return ret
def _get_static_leases(self):
ret = []
with open(self.__static_leases, "r") as fp:
for line in
if not line.startswith("#"):
line = " ".join(line.split()) # remove multiple white spaces
items = line.split()
if len(items) >= 2:
ret.append(items[:2]) # insert only first items
return ret
def _get_dynamic_leases(self):
ret = []
with open(self._dhcp_dynamic_leases, "r") as fp:
with open(self.__dhcp_dynamic_leases, "r") as fp:
for line in
return ret
......@@ -193,9 +206,13 @@ class Unbound:
def refresh_leases(self):
domain_list = []
if self.__static_leases_enabled:
domain_list += self._get_static_leases()
if self.__dynamic_leases_enabled:
domain__leases_list = self._get_dynamic_leases()
for ip, domain in domain__leases_list:
domain_list += self._get_dynamic_leases()
if domain_list:
for ip, domain in domain_list:
self._add_local_data(domain, ip)
......@@ -244,7 +261,8 @@ class DHCPv4:
def refresh_resolver(self):
if self.__resolver == "kresd":
tmp_res = Kresd()
static_leases = os.path.join(uci_get("resolver.kresd.rundir"), "hints.tmp")
tmp_res = Kresd(dhcp_static_leases=static_leases)
log("Refresh kresd leases", LOG_INFO)
elif self.__resolver == "unbound":
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