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    env: common: accept flags on reset to default env · c5d548a9
    Yaniv Levinsky authored
    The function set_default_env() sets the hashtable flags for import_r().
    Formally set_default_env() doesn't accept flags from its callers. In
    practice the caller can (un)set the H_INTERACTIVE flag, but it has to be
    done using the first character of the function's string argument. Other
    flags like H_FORCE can't be set by the caller.
    Change the function to accept flags argument. The benefits are:
    1. The caller will have to explicitly set the H_INTERACTIVE flag,
       instead of un-setting it using a special char in a string.
    2. Add the ability to propagate flags from the caller to himport(),
       especially the H_FORCE flag from do_env_default() in nvedit.c that
       currently gets ignored for "env default -a -f" commands.
    3. Flags and messages will not be coupled together. A caller will be
       able to set flags without passing a string and vice versa.
    Please note:
    The propagation of H_FORCE from do_env_default() does not introduce any
    functional changes, because currently himport_r() is set to destroy the
    old environment regardless if H_FORCE flag is set or not. More changes
    are needed to utilize the propagation of H_FORCE.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarYaniv Levinsky <yaniv.levinsky@compulab.co.il>
    Acked-by: default avatarIgor Grinberg <grinberg@compulab.co.il>