1. 24 May, 2020 1 commit
  2. 21 May, 2020 3 commits
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      hardening: remove kernel option SECCOMP_FILTER · 4e7a50f1
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      Compilation fails due to the following error:
      Config option is not present in generated config: CONFIG_KERNEL_SECCOMP_FILTER=y
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      patches/openwrt: kernel: try to enable CONFIG_ARM_MODULE_PLTS · b914cf48
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      Hopefully, this is going to fix an issue which was reported by our
      community. In some cases loading of ath9k ends up with vmalloc:
      allocation: failure and I think because of that modprobe ath9k fails.
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      hardening: disable SECCOMP · 2e7a60da
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      Let's disable SECCOMP.
      Seccomp and jail are used and developed just by one person in OpenWrt.
      Services like transmission do not start (there are missing syscalls!), altougth if there are
      added missing syscalls transmission does not start through procd.
      There are no details how to proceed further without documentation. Some processes are jailed
      and we can not check which one each time (and if it is backported to
      OpenWrt 19.07) and fix it.
      It is not enabled by default in OpenWrt and it has several reasons for
      it. For example, umdns service ends up in crash loop.
      We can not delay Turris OS 5.0 anymore as seccomp adds us overhead
      for now.
      Signed-off-by: Josef Schlehofer's avatarJosef Schlehofer <pepe.schlehofer@gmail.com>
  3. 18 May, 2020 1 commit
  4. 13 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Karel Koci's avatar
      lists: install python3-python if there is no python-base · 6a3921b9
      Karel Koci authored
      Package python-base was providing python link to python2. By removing
      python-base (and effectively this way Python2) from system this removes
      this link as well. This link is commonly expected to be present so we
      add it for python3 if there is not python-base.
      This condition also as corner case support case when Python3 is not
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  12. 20 Apr, 2020 1 commit
    • Karel Koci's avatar
      lists: keep fix for alternatives in system for now · c850b88e
      Karel Koci authored
      This should fix any inconsistencies in system done by opkg as well as
      It turns out that we really have to handle busybox links without
      Alternatives as soon as possible. Without it some packages fail to work
      if busybox is updated or reinstalled and alternatives are overwritten by
      busybox links.
  13. 16 Apr, 2020 2 commits
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  17. 03 Apr, 2020 5 commits
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      patches/openwrt: dvb: fix recursive dependency · 54a4b246
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      This removes duplicate kernelpackage for dvb-tuner-cxusb from DVB frontends
      section. It is already present in DVB USB drivers section.
      And removes two duplicate rows about dvb-tuner-dib0070.
      tmp/.config-package.in:8717:	symbol PACKAGE_kmod-dvb-tuner-dib0070 is selected by PACKAGE_kmod-dvb-tuner-dib0070
      tmp/.config-package.in:8717:error: recursive dependency detected!
      For a resolution refer to Documentation/kbuild/kconfig-language.txt
      subsection "Kconfig recursive dependency limitations"
      tmp/.config-package.in:8717:	symbol PACKAGE_kmod-dvb-tuner-dib0070 is selected by PACKAGE_kmod-dvb-tuner-dib0070
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      patches/openwrt: linux: add support for slave demod Sony CXD2837ER · 035f8507
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      The support for it was added in Kernel 5.0. This backport it as it is.
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      patches/openwrt: dvb: add support for backported TDA18250 · b31acb82
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      This tuner is used for Xbox One Digital TV Tuner. It was added in kernel
      4.16. I added clear comment, where it starts and where it ends to be sure
        that those comments can be removed as OpenWrt in their master branch
      wants to have kernel 5.4, otherwise it should be there at least for
      OpenWrt 19.07. Otherwise the kernel config won't be recognized.
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      patches/openwrt: dvb: add kernel package for demodulator Sony CXD2841ER · 6cc9204e
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      This demodulator can be found, for example, in Astrometa DVB-T2 revision
      2018. This enables it for kernel versions, but support for slave
      demodulator was added in kernel 5.0.
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      patches/openwrt: kernel: media: add support for Xbox One Digital Tuner · 3cbbf984
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      Xbox One Digital Tuner is supported at mainline Linux since Kernel 4.16. OpenWrt
      19.07 is using Kernel 4.14. This patch should not be send to OpenWrt for
      branch master as they are working on 5.4 kernel support for targets.
      Xbox One Digital Tuner uses:
      - USB interface: dib0700
      Patch 0032-generic-Add-support-for-Xbox-One-Tuner.patch,
      which was backported adds USB ID 045e:02d5 to be recognized
      for an USB interface dib0700.
      - Demodulator MN88472, which is supported in kernel 4.14, which we are
        using and higher
      - Tuner TDA18250B
      Patch 0031-generic-add-tuner-driver-for-tda18250.patch,
      which was backported add driver for this tuner.
  18. 23 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  19. 21 Mar, 2020 1 commit
    • Josef Schlehofer's avatar
      kmod.list: Install support for USB Mass Storage devices by default · e3cbb9d8
      Josef Schlehofer authored
      We have Storage plugin in Foris installed by default, but it is not
      possible to use it without an installed NAS package list, which contains a
      lot of packages. Let's move related support for USB Mass Storage devices
      to kmod.list, which will be installed by default for all installations.
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