Commit a9af2369 authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘

Turris OS 4.0.5

* Based on the latest OpenWrt 18.06.6
* kernel: update to version 4.14.162
* python3: update to version 3.6.10
* wget: fix CVE-2019-5953
* unbound: update to version 1.9.6
* php7: update to version 7.2.26
  Fixes: CVE-2019-11044, CVE-2019-11045, CVE-2019-11046, CVE-2019-11047, CVE-2019-11050
* nano: update to version 4.7
* openssl: update to version 1.0.2u
* bird: update to version 1.6.8
* reforis: update to the latest development version, adds openvpn-plugin
* ffmpeg: update to version 4.0.5
  Fixes: CVE-2019-12730, CVE-2019-17539, CVE-2019-17542
* e2fsprogs: fix CVE-2019-5094
* christmas: removed from default installation
parent 17b1c406
## Following line defines used openwrt repository.
## It is commented out because it is not feed but is used by compile_pkgs script.
# openwrt;openwrt-18.06
# openwrt^ab9d1bf608170c17dd8a372bc42806b9703a20ce
src-git turrispackages;master
src-git packages;openwrt-18.06
src-git luci;openwrt-18.06
src-git routing;openwrt-18.06
src-git telephony;openwrt-18.06
src-git openwisp
src-git sidn
src-git cesnet
src-git turrispackages^f7a8cb8caff2e22636d81759a20ac9cad4e019ba
src-git packages^c629b44d8870585b0d29a2454a80ee24905a77a1
src-git luci^868abc1a564ca8366bbb018a967923cbdc5ee27a
src-git routing^9fa2b249cc286176f07efe343fd9518b383462fc
src-git telephony^8ecbdabc7c5cadbe571eb947f5cd333a5a785010
src-git openwisp^8fc33895276ebc0bff30b7317d6c1213f2705c8e
src-git sidn^2b881bacf0388420b2753f9c8b7858c3d4efe9a1
src-git cesnet^ebfb4559c8ba885da5419b151abf90fabfed65c8
# Backports and OpenWRT 18.06 only feeds
src-git luci_theme_rosy;openwrt-18.06
src-git luci_theme_rosy^58dafa99df869ad9c75ffdb7a0f155594dbec766
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