Commit 2f416108 authored by Robin Obůrka's avatar Robin Obůrka

tests: Add some more tests for msgloop

parent b19cfbe4
...@@ -102,3 +102,51 @@ def test_resetable_error_counter(out_only_args_mock, send_multipart_mock): ...@@ -102,3 +102,51 @@ def test_resetable_error_counter(out_only_args_mock, send_multipart_mock):
TestBox("test").run() TestBox("test").run()
assert send_multipart_mock.called assert send_multipart_mock.called
def test_before_first_request_processed(out_only_args_mock, send_multipart_mock):
class TestBox(sn.SNGeneratorBox):
def before_first_request(self):
return "sentinel/test/bfr", { "foo": "bar" }
def process(self):
yield "sentinel/test", { "foo": "bar" }
tb = TestBox("test")
assert send_multipart_mock.called
assert send_multipart_mock.call_count == 2
assert send_multipart_mock.call_args_list[0][0][0][0] == b"sentinel/test/bfr"
assert send_multipart_mock.call_args_list[1][0][0][0] == b"sentinel/test"
def test_set_signal_handlers(out_only_args_mock, send_multipart_mock):
class TestBox(sn.SNGeneratorBox):
def process(self):
yield "sentinel/test", { "foo": "bar" }
with patch("signal.signal") as signal:
tb = TestBox("test")
assert signal.called
def test_signal_handler_stops_loop(in_out_args_mock, recv_multipart_mock, send_multipart_mock):
class TestBox(sn.SNPipelineBox):
def se(t, p):
# I will be happy for better solution...
import signal
sh = signal.getsignal(signal.SIGTERM)
sh(None, None)
return t, p
tb = TestBox("test")
tb.process = Mock(side_effect=se)
assert send_multipart_mock.called
assert send_multipart_mock.call_count == 1
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