Commit f4e8f2f9 authored by Martin Petráček's avatar Martin Petráček

fix topic composing

parent 050c1320
......@@ -117,8 +117,9 @@ void handle_message(MQTTClient client, zmsg_t *msg, char *topic_buf,
CHECK_ERR(topic_len >= MAX_TOPIC_LEN, "ignoring too long topic %.*s\n",
topic_len, topic_data);
char *topic_buf_pos = topic_buf + topic_prefix_len;
strncpy(topic_buf_pos, topic_data + TOPIC_PREFIX_LEN, topic_len);
topic_buf_pos[topic_len] = 0;
strncpy(topic_buf_pos, topic_data + TOPIC_PREFIX_LEN,
topic_len - TOPIC_PREFIX_LEN);
topic_buf_pos[topic_len - TOPIC_PREFIX_LEN] = 0;
unsigned long compress_len = COMPRESS_BUF_SIZE;
int rc = compress2(compress_buf, &compress_len, zframe_data(payload),
zframe_size(payload), COMPRESS_LEVEL);
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