Verified Commit 6308d2a5 authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘

libatsha204: version 28.1

Fix potential attack vector.
parent 14347f94
# Note: If you are adding new repository, don't forget to bump up opkg package and add new repository to lists/base.lua
src-git turrispackages^6f6227d1456e7ab1cc0002ac1f13e95ad070ced8
src-git turrispackages^a1a47ad4444954c0b662dd7b4d4d512c11906d07
src-git hardware^68484c2d0b008cf474e8464436ff8f33d7d05990
src-git php^d6c333b705e53b99bd216f0a7e5c22aa493dfefc .*php.*
src-git node^ea656e25a2c3c70fde00e46bb42b236064ece752 .*node.*
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