Verified Commit 599d8558 authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘

Fix updater-ng path in package

parent 638f75f2
src-git turrispackages^8db536bb71c15726f6b0a2c273ffb4646949ba15
src-git turrispackages^c34d439649a4b3657f3ded504485d838620f63a2
src-git hardware^d81453b1df48ec1c8945feaf96a1e744c3218b38
src-git php^d6c333b705e53b99bd216f0a7e5c22aa493dfefc .*php.*
src-git lucics^49c3edd5861fd032fa8379ceda525c27a908a114
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