Commit 65caa63b authored by Martin Matějek's avatar Martin Matějek

Better skeleton caching and lookup

parent aaf3b454
......@@ -42,19 +42,25 @@ class PluginStorage:
input param in form 'PluginName.skeletonid'
so it need to be parsed to get skel_id
skeleton either exists cached or will be added when needed
skeleton object either exists cached or will be added when needed
# TODO: skeleton storage and lookup
skel_name = skel_id.split('.')[1]
plugin_name, skel_name = skel_id.split('.')
if skel_name not in self.skeletons:
for plug in self.plugins.values():
notification_types = plug.get_notification_types()
if skel_id not in self.skeletons:
if plugin_name in self.plugins:
# TODO: naming?
notification_types = self.plugins[plugin_name].get_notification_types()
if skel_name in notification_types:
self.skeletons[skel_name] = NotificationSkeleton(**notification_types[skel_name]) # cache it
return self.skeletons[skel_name]
self.skeletons[skel_id] = NotificationSkeleton(**notification_types[skel_name]) # cache it
# else:
# logger.warn("No such notification type '%s' in plugin '%s'" % (skel_name, plugin_name))
# return what?
# else:
# logger.warn("No such skeleton: '%s'" % skel_id)
# return what?
return self.skeletons[skel_id]
def get_notification_types(self):
ret = []
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