Commit 42f6538f authored by Martin Matějek's avatar Martin Matějek

Minor refactor of cli listing output

parent 12a6ad85
......@@ -83,14 +83,14 @@ def print_templates(templates):
def print_notifications(notifications):
def list_notifications(notifications):
"""Pretty print stored notifications"""
print("Stored notifications:")
for k, v in notifications.items():
trimmed = ' '.join(v['message'][:80].split())
severity = v['metadata']['severity']
print("{} {}\t{}".format(print_severity(severity), k, trimmed))
print("{} {}\t{}".format(print_severity(severity), k[:8], trimmed))
def print_notification(notification):
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ def process_args(parser, args):
# Sorting by timestamp is default sort order
ret = Sorting.sort_by(ret, 'timestamp')
elif == 'templates':
ret = api.get_templates()
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