Commit 3d12e8df authored by Martin Matějek's avatar Martin Matějek

WIP safe loading of notification skeletons

parent b91a1b2c
......@@ -45,6 +45,23 @@ class PluginStorage:
"""Return all plugins"""
return self.plugins
def valid_id(self, skel_id):
plugin_name, skel_name = skel_id.split('.')
except ValueError:
logger.warning("Malformed skeleton id '%s'", skel_id)
return False
if plugin_name not in self.plugins:
logger.warning("No such plugin '%s'", plugin_name)
return False
if skel_name not in self.plugins[plugin_name].get_notification_types():
logger.warning("No such skeleton: '%s'", skel_name)
return False
return True
def get_skeleton(self, skel_id):
Return notification skeleton based on id
......@@ -54,44 +71,46 @@ class PluginStorage:
skeleton object either exists cached or will be added when needed
if not self.valid_id(skel_id):
return None
plugin_name, skel_name = skel_id.split('.')
if skel_id not in self.skeletons:
if plugin_name in self.plugins:
notification_types = self.plugins[plugin_name].get_notification_types()
templates = self.plugins[plugin_name].get_templates()
plugin = self.plugins[plugin_name]
notification_types = plugin.get_notification_types()
plugin_actions = plugin.get_actions()
templates = plugin.get_templates()
skeleton = notification_types[skel_name]
if skel_name in notification_types:
# TODO: refactor/simplify this code
notification_args = {}
notification_args['name'] = notification_types[skel_name]['name']
notification_args['name'] = skeleton['name']
notification_args['plugin_name'] = plugin_name
notification_args['version'] = notification_types[skel_name]['version']
notification_args['version'] = skeleton['version']
skel_actions = OrderedDict()
plugin_actions = self.plugins[plugin_name].get_actions()
for action in notification_types[skel_name]['actions']:
for action in skeleton['actions']:
if action in plugin_actions:
skel_actions[action] = plugin_actions[action]
notification_args['actions'] = skel_actions
tmpl_name = notification_types[skel_name]['template']
tmpl_name = skeleton['template']
template = templates[tmpl_name]
notification_args['template'] = template
for attr in self.META_ATTRS:
if attr in notification_types[skel_name]:
notification_args[attr] = notification_types[skel_name][attr]
if attr in skeleton:
notification_args[attr] = skeleton[attr]
notification_args['template_dir'] = os.path.join(self.templates_dir, plugin_name)
self.skeletons[skel_id] = NotificationSkeleton(**notification_args) # cache it
logger.warning("No such notification type '%s' in plugin '%s'", skel_name, plugin_name)
return None
logger.warning("No such skeleton: '%s'", skel_id)
return None
# cache it
self.skeletons[skel_id] = NotificationSkeleton(**notification_args)
return self.skeletons[skel_id]
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