Commit 164d0024 authored by Martin Matějek's avatar Martin Matějek

Remove __str__ methods used only for debugging

parent 9b97b6c8
......@@ -210,17 +210,3 @@ class Notification:
Returned as string
return uuid.uuid4().hex
def __str__(self):
out = "{\n"
for attr in self.ATTRS:
data = getattr(self, attr)
if hasattr(data, 'serialize'):
data = data.serialize()
out += "\t{}: {}\n".format(attr, data)
out += "}\n"
return out
......@@ -74,13 +74,3 @@ class NotificationSkeleton:
output = self.jinja_message_template.render(media=media_type, **data)
return output
def __str__(self):
out = "{\n"
for attr in self.ATTRS:
out += "\t{}: {}\n".format(attr, getattr(self, attr))
out += "}\n"
return out
......@@ -104,20 +104,3 @@ class Plugin:
def get_jinja_env(self):
return self.jinja_env
def __str__(self):
"""For debug purposes"""
out = "{\n"
out += "\tname: {}\n".format(
for a in self.actions:
out += "\tActions: {}\n".format(a)
for t in self.templates:
out += "\tTemplates: {}\n".format(t)
for name, data in self.notification_types.items():
out += "\tNotifications: {} : {}\n".format(name, data)
out += "}"
return out
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