Verified Commit d60ed51f authored by Josef Schlehofer's avatar Josef Schlehofer Committed by Michal Hrusecky

lxc: remove Debian Jessie for ARM64 (Turris Mox)

parent 31bb5f63
......@@ -87,7 +87,6 @@ add_image "Alpine" "Edge" "aarch64" "`get_lxc_url alpine/edge/arm64`"
add_image "ArchLinux" "latest" "armv7l" ""
add_image "ArchLinux" "latest" "aarch64" ""
add_image "Debian" "Jessie" "armv7l" "`get_lxc_url debian/jessie/armhf`"
add_image "Debian" "Jessie" "aarch64" "`get_lxc_url debian/jessie/arm64`"
add_image "Debian" "Stretch" "armv7l" "`get_lxc_url debian/stretch/armhf`"
add_image "Debian" "Stretch" "aarch64" "`get_lxc_url debian/stretch/arm64`"
add_image "Debian" "Buster" "armv7l" "`get_lxc_url debian/buster/armhf`"
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