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Some README files

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This repository contains various utilities and small programs which were tiny
or insignificant enough not to get their own repository. For further details,
look into README of each of the subdirectories.
......@@ -11,6 +11,4 @@ The `whatsnew` is a tool that remembers what lines of the log were already sent
and filters them out, so they are sent only once.
The `upload.cgi` is a script that sits on the server and concatenates the logs
from the clients. It does not do any kind of authentication. It is expected
that the web server will be configured to at least restrict the access to the
ones inside the VPN.
from the clients. It authenticates the data by checking the HMAC provided with the data.
Utility for making sure a script is run exactly once. Whatever is in the
scripts directory and installed on the turris router, it is run the first time
oneshot is run since then. Then oneshot notes it was run and never runs it
It is expected the scripts whose effect is already included in the image are
noted not to be run as well, by whatever installs them.
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