Commit c458feec authored by Jan Čermák's avatar Jan Čermák

config: config_ajax can receive params through POST

parent ce7b686d
......@@ -386,10 +386,10 @@ def config_action_post(page_name, action):
raise bottle.HTTPError(404, "Unknown action.")
@app.route("/<page_name:re:.+>/ajax", name="config_ajax")
@app.route("/<page_name:re:.+>/ajax", name="config_ajax", method=("GET", "POST"))
def config_ajax(page_name):
action = request.GET.get("action")
action = request.params.get("action")
if not action:
raise bottle.HTTPError(404, "AJAX action not specified.")
ConfigPage = get_config_page(page_name)
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