Verified Commit 6b3d5719 authored by Štěpán Henek's avatar Štěpán Henek 🌩

updater: handle a situation when enabled() has three states

parent e6526f9b
......@@ -46,7 +46,9 @@ class UpdaterHandler(BaseConfigHandler):
"updater", "get_settings", {"lang": current_state.language})
# store setting required for rendering
self.current_approval = self.backend_data["approval"]
self.updater_enabled = self.backend_data["enabled"]
# update can be in 3 states: True, False, None
# None means that it is not set in this case we want to prefill True
self.updater_enabled = False if self.backend_data["enabled"] is False else True
self.approval_setting_status = self.backend_data["approval_settings"]["status"]
self.approval_setting_delay = self.backend_data["approval_settings"].get(
......@@ -54,7 +56,7 @@ class UpdaterHandler(BaseConfigHandler):
def get_form(self):
data = copy.deepcopy(self.backend_data)
data["enabled"] = "1" if data["enabled"] else "0"
data["enabled"] = "0" if data["enabled"] is False else "1"
data["approval_status"] = data["approval_settings"]["status"]
if "delay" in data["approval_settings"]:
data["approval_delay"] = data["approval_settings"]["delay"]
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