Verified Commit dd476b60 authored by Štěpán Henek's avatar Štěpán Henek 🌩

nicer record format when ping is not available

parent 2a93377e
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
<td>{{ record["time"] }}</td>
<td>{{ "%0.2f" | format(record["speed_download"]) }}</td>
<td>{{ "%0.2f" | format(record["speed_upload"]) }}</td>
<td>{{ "%0.2f" | format(record["ping"]) }}</td>
<td>{% if record["ping"] >= 0 %}{{ "%0.2f" | format(record["ping"]) }}{% else %}N/A{% endif %}</td>
<a href="{{ "%s?%s" % (ns.detail_url, record["test_uuid"]) }}">{% trans %}Details{% endtrans %}</a>
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