1. 12 Mar, 2019 1 commit
  2. 14 Aug, 2018 2 commits
    • Petr Špaček's avatar
      rebrand to "Knot Resolver" · 42123aad
      Petr Špaček authored
      Previously we were using names "Knot DNS Resolver" and "Knot Resolver"
      interchangibly and the prefix "Knot DNS" was somehow confusing users.
      Let's see if this rebranding actually helps or not.
    • Vladimír Čunát's avatar
      doc: add lua API changes · 0e42317c
      Vladimír Čunát authored
      I intentionally didn't mark the function names as code or similar,
      as changing formatting every other word seemed too visually distracting.
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    • Vladimír Čunát's avatar
      fixup old gitlab URLs · d5737c44
      Vladimír Čunát authored
      Almost all of them were getting redirected correctly, but why keep the
      old ones.  Also update a couple nitpicks directly around.
  7. 19 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Vladimír Čunát's avatar
      allow generating most cdefs for lua · 06b0d3d4
      Vladimír Čunát authored
      Motivation: maintaining these by hand in kres.lua is tricky, as just
      inserting or reordering the structures can do anything and isn't
      detected in general.  For example, `rr_array_t::at` has always
      "missed a star".
      A couple libknot structure fields have apparently changed name since
      the old definitions were written; in most cases I renamed them in *.lua.
      The file daemon/lua/kres-gen.lua will be regenerated only if explicitly
      deleted.  That requires building with debug symbols and gdb on $PATH.
  8. 08 Nov, 2016 2 commits
    • Vladimír Čunát's avatar
      layer: refactor and better describe the API · cc47973e
      Vladimír Čunát authored
      - The API and ABI for modules changes slightly (details below).
        KR_MODULE_API is bumped to avoid loading incompatible code.
        We have bumped libkres ABIVER since the last release 1.1.1,
        so leaving that one intact.
      - Make KR_STATE_YIELD not reuse 0 value anymore.
        It's easy to e.g. return kr_ok() by mistake.
      - struct kr_layer_t:
        * ::mm was unused, uninitialized, etc.
        * Make ::state an int, as it was everywhere else.
        * void *data was ugly and always containing struct kr_request *
      - struct kr_layer_api:
        * Drop the void* parameter from ::begin, as it was only used
          for the request which is available as ctx->req anyway
          (formerly ctx->data).
        * Drop ::fail.  It wasn't even called.  Modules can watch for
          KR_STATE_FAIL in ::finish.
      - Document the apparent meaning of the layer interface, deduced mainly
        from the way it's used in the code.  Caveats:
        * enum knot_layer_state handling seems to assume that it holds exactly
          one of the possibilities at a time.  The cookie module does NOT
          follow that (intentionally), apparently depending on the exact
          implementation of the handling at that moment.  It feels fragile.
        * I was unable to deduce a plausible description of when ::reset is
          called.  It's practically unused in modules, too.
    • Vladimír Čunát's avatar
      layer: rename knot_ identifiers that are private now · 4ad98bff
      Vladimír Čunát authored
      It causes lots of line changes, but it would be confusing to keep the
      current state over long term.
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