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meson: doc/build - improve info about packaging

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......@@ -155,15 +155,18 @@ a build directory:
$ meson build_doc -Ddoc=enabled
.. _build-custom-flags:
Customizing compiler flags
If you'd like to use custom compiler flags, see meson's `built-in options
<>`_. You might be interested in
``c_args``, ``c_link_args``. For hardening, it's also possible to use
``b_pie``. All of these flags are set using the ``-Doption=value`` syntax when
initilizing the build directory.
For complete control over builds flags, use ``--buildtype=plain``.
To prevent meson from passing its own build flags, use ``--buildtype=plain``.
......@@ -216,12 +219,12 @@ Packaging
Recommended build options for packagers:
* ``--buildtype=release`` turns on optimalizations, turns off asserts (override
with ``-Db_ndebug=false`` if desired)
* ``--buildtype=release`` for default flags (optimalization, asserts, ...). For complete control over flags, use ``plain`` and see :ref:`build-custom-flags`.
* ``--prefix=/usr`` to customize
prefix, other directories can be set in a similar fashion, see ``meson setup
* ``-Ddoc=enabled`` for offline html documentation
* ``-Dinstall_kresd_conf=enabled`` to install default config file
* ``-Dclient=enabled`` to force build of kresc
* ``-Dunit_tests=enabled`` to force build of unit tests
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