Commit 842038c0 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Print protocol used in verbose mode

parent 02fef63f
......@@ -918,9 +918,9 @@ int kr_resolve_checkout(struct kr_request *request, struct sockaddr *src,
inet_ntop(addr->sa_family, kr_nsrep_inaddr(qry->ns.addr[i]), ns_str, sizeof(ns_str));
DEBUG_MSG(qry, "%s: '%s' score: %u zone cut: '%s' m12n: '%s' type: '%s'\n",
DEBUG_MSG(qry, "%s: '%s' score: %u zone cut: '%s' m12n: '%s' type: '%s' proto: '%s'\n",
i == 0 ? "=> querying" : " optional",
ns_str, qry->ns.score, zonecut_str, qname_str, type_str);
ns_str, qry->ns.score, zonecut_str, qname_str, type_str, (qry->flags & QUERY_TCP)?"tcp":"udp");
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