Verified Commit fd170c99 authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘 Committed by Karel Koci

Obsolete Package content

parent 818466db
......@@ -499,24 +499,6 @@ abi_change_deep::
package that changed its ABI. That means if some package is reinstalled because
of change of ABI, all packages that depends on it are also reinstalled and so
This is an alternative for the package being available from a
repository. This lists an URI where the package lives. If the
package has all parameters same as one from a repository (eg.
priority, version), the one with content is preferred.
Options to verify the package integrity, if the content option is
specified. These are ignored in virtual packages and packages from a
A priority for packages not coming from a repository (eg. with the
`content` option) to be used when choosing the right candidate.
Defaults to 50, as with repositories. It is ignored with packages
from repositories and has no meaning for virtual packages.
Ignore listed categories of errors. This takes an array of strings,
each string meaning one category to ignore.
......@@ -530,9 +512,6 @@ ignore::
Don't report errors of installation in this package as an error
and don't abort the rest of the installation process even if it is
in an early stage.
Don't error on missing content. If it's available from repository
then it is handled as missing.
Export and Unexport
......@@ -236,6 +236,7 @@ function package(result, content, pkg, extra) = "package"
table.insert(known_packages, result)
if extra.content then -- if content is specified, it requires special treatment before aggregation
WARN("Content field of Package command is obsoleted! You can use local repository instead.")
table.insert(known_content_packages, result)
-- We start downloading right away
utils.private(result).content_uri = uri(content, extra.content, extra)
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