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......@@ -167,6 +167,40 @@ The file signature is verified using the `usign` utility.
Note that while a `remote` or `restricted` script may not specify
local (`file://` and `internal:`) URIs, it may inherit them.
Dependency description
Package dependencies are very important part of package maintenance.
Therefore, it is possible to describe them in the updater.
A dependency might be one of:
The string is parsed the same way as from the OpenWRT packages.
Dependencies are separated by commas, each ``word'' meaning a single
dependency. The dependencies can also use versions with relational
operators. The version with the operator is in parentheses after
the name of the package (eg `kernel (=version-number)`, `openssl
(>=1.0.0)`). As an extension, the operator `~` may be used to denote
a lua string pattern match on the version. All dependencies and
version restrictions must be met.
package handle::
A concrete package, represented by the result of the `Package`
command may be used directly.
The table shall contain multiple sub-dependencies. Each one must be
met. The sub-dependency may be of any type (string, other table,
package handle, `Or()`, `Not()`).
This denotes that a single package described by the string must not
be present on the system. This may be used if two packages ``fight''
over the same file, or when they provide colliding services (both
are DNS servers, for example).
`Or(dep, dep, ...)`::
Each `dep` argument is a dependency of any type. The whole `Or()` is
fulfilled when at least one of the argument is fulfilled. When
multiple options are possible, the leftmost of them is preferred.
Available commands
......@@ -379,10 +413,9 @@ virtual::
If set to any value, the package is virtual. If a real package of
the same name exists, an error is reported.
Additional dependencies for the package. This may be either a string
(it is then parsed in the same way as dependencies from the package
index), or a table. The table contains one dependency in each
element. TODO: Negative and alternative dependencies.
Additional dependencies for the package. The dependencies are merged
together as if all the sources were put into a table (eg. all of
them must be fulfilled). There's no way to remove dependencies.
A hook to be run after or before a step. The value may be a single
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