Commit b90cd2e1 authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘

language: Drop Run command

This command was never implemented and it makes little to no sense to do
so because the same thing can be archived with os.execute that is core
part of Lua.
parent e06d19b3
......@@ -537,43 +537,6 @@ relation as second argument (for example:
`version_match(installed['pkg'].version, '>=1.0.0')`)
It returns true if version matches given version relation, otherwise false.
result = Run("command", "param", "param", "param", ..., { extra })
This command is available only in `local` and `full` security levels.
This runs an external command. The `command` and `param` specify what to
run. The extra parameters are optional and may specify:
A string passed into the commands stdin. If not set, `/dev/null` is
redirected there.
A timeout in seconds. If it is reached and the command haven't
terminated yet, a SIGTERM is sent to the command. Nothing is sent if
not specified.
This is the same as with timeout, but SIGTERM is sent.
The `result` is a table with information about the command run. It
The numeric exit code of the command.
If present, the command terminated with a signal. The signal is the
value associated with the key.
String containing the standard output of the command.
String containing the error output of the command.
Note that the command is not run interactively ‒ there's no way to
communicate with the command. It is started, runs with preset input
and then the output is presented.
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