Commit a5c267f2 authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner

pkg: Function to decide if a config has been modified

parent 3f90b873
......@@ -714,4 +714,29 @@ function control_cleanup(status)
Decide if the config file has been modified. The hash is of the original.
It can handle original hash of md5 and sha1.
Returns true or false if it was modified. If the file can't be read, nil
is returned.
function config_modified(file, hash)
local len = hash:len()
local hasher
if len == 32 then
hasher = md5
elseif len == 64 then
hasher = sha256
error("Can not determine hash algorithm to use for hash " .. hash)
local content = utils.slurp(file)
if content then
return hasher(content) ~= hash:lower()
return nil
return _M
......@@ -631,6 +631,22 @@ function test_merge_control()
assert_table_equal({["control"] = 'r'}, ls(src_dir))
function test_config_modified()
-- Bad length of the hash, no matter what file:
assert_error(function() B.config_modified("/file/does/not/exist", "1234") end)
-- If a file doesn't exist, it returns nil
assert_nil(B.config_modified("/file/does/not/exist", "12345678901234567890123456789012"))
-- We test on a non-config file, but it the same.
local file = (os.getenv("S") or ".") .. "/tests/data/updater.ipk"
assert_false(B.config_modified(file, "182171ccacfc32a9f684479509ac471a"))
assert(B.config_modified(file, "282171ccacfc32a9f684479509ac471b"))
assert_false(B.config_modified(file, "4f54362b30f53ae6862b11ff34d22a8d4510ed2b3e757b1f285dbd1033666e55"))
assert(B.config_modified(file, "5f54362b30f53ae6862b11ff34d22a8d4510ed2b3e757b1f285dbd1033666e56"))
-- Case insensitive checks
assert_false(B.config_modified(file, "182171CCACFC32A9F684479509AC471A"))
assert_false(B.config_modified(file, "4F54362B30F53AE6862B11FF34D22A8D4510ED2B3E757B1F285DBD1033666E55"))
function setup()
local sdir = os.getenv("S") or "."
-- Use a shortened version of a real status file for tests
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