Lang: Other available functions

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......@@ -636,7 +636,30 @@ Rerun
Run the updater once more. The when has a similar meaning as with
`Reboot`. However, it won't resume installation after executing `now`.
* Uci access
* Allowed libraries
Available libraries and standard functions
In addition to the functions listed above, following functions and
libraries are made available. They are available in the security level
listed and in all higher levels.
* `table` library.
* `string` library.
* `math` library.
* `assert`.
* `error`.
* `ipairs`.
* `next`.
* `pairs`.
* `pcall`.
* `select`.
* `tonumber`.
* `tostring`.
* `type`.
* `unpack`.
* `xpcall`.
* `uci` library.
* The whole lua library.
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