Verified Commit 91772b7a authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘

Revert "Dirty fix for directories in .list files"

This reverts commit 38c79155.
parent 96ab4130
......@@ -617,9 +617,6 @@ function collision_check(current_status, remove_pkgs, add_pkgs)
-- Adds file to files tree and detect collisions
local function file_insert(fname, pkg_name, when)
if fname:sub(-1,-1) == '/' then
return nil -- Just ignore directories. Do not add them.
-- Returns node for given path. If node contains "pkg" field then it is not directory. If it contains "nodes" field, then it is directory. If it has neither then it was newly created.
local function files_tree_node(path)
local node = files_tree
......@@ -573,16 +573,6 @@ function test_collisions()
}, col)
-- For "erem" and "rem" see note few lines before this one.
-- Check if we handle if directory is given
local test_pkg = {
["package"] = {
["/etc/modules.d/"] = true,
local col, erem, rem = B.collision_check(status, {}, test_pkg)
assert_table_equal({}, col)
assert_table_equal({}, erem)
assert_table_equal({}, rem)
-- Test config_steal and not_installed_confs function
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