design: Document ignoring of certain errors

Document parameters to ignore certain kinds of errors. Some of them are
to be implemented now, some are just a plan for the future.
parent 385480b5
......@@ -390,6 +390,15 @@ critical::
network. Other packages may stop working if the update is
interrupted at the wrong time (for example by a power outage), but
would be fixed by another finished updater run.
Ignore certain errors regarding the installation request. Note that
errors related to the package itself are modified by the `Package`
command. This takes an array of strings, each string represents one
category of errors to ignore.
Don't fail on the package not being available. The package
wouldn't be installed if not available, but the run of the updater
wouldn't be aborted.
Note that a package may be required to be installed or uninstalled
multiple times (for example by multiple scripts). All such
......@@ -483,6 +492,19 @@ crl::
Options to verify the package integrity, if the content option is
specified. These are ignored in virtual packages and packages from a
Ignore listed categories of errors. This takes an array of strings,
each string meaning one category to ignore.
Don't error on missing dependencies. Simply install the package
without satisfying the dependency.
Install the package despite it failing validation (eg. when having
different checksum).
Don't report errors of installation in this package as an error
and don't abort the rest of the installation process even if it is
in an early stage.
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