Verified Commit 0b60f417 authored by Karel Koci's avatar Karel Koci 🤘

Allow DIE command to be called from configuration

There is no reason why configuration shouldn't be allowed to signal full
updater failure. It's even highly desired. If configuration script
detects unsolvable problem updater shouldn't be continuing.
parent 2e276e1e
......@@ -589,9 +589,11 @@ Logging
INFO("information text")
WARN("warning text")
ERROR("error text")
DIE("error text")
These commands allows printing of messages for their corresponding
verbosity levels.
verbosity levels. On top of that `DIE` command also results to
updater failure.
Predefined variables
......@@ -195,6 +195,7 @@ local rest_available_funcs = {
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