Commit 65b029b2 authored by Tomas Hlavacek's avatar Tomas Hlavacek

Cisco disable debug logging from pexpect

Disable debug logging from pexpect (contains passwords!).
parent 2a4c139d
...@@ -825,7 +825,9 @@ class CiscoRouter(ulgmodel.RemoteRouter): ...@@ -825,7 +825,9 @@ class CiscoRouter(ulgmodel.RemoteRouter):
# connect # connect
c=defaults.bin_ssh+' -p'+str(self.getPort())+' '+str(self.getUser())+'@'+self.getHost() c=defaults.bin_ssh+' -p'+str(self.getPort())+' '+str(self.getUser())+'@'+self.getHost()
s=pexpect.spawn(c,timeout=defaults.timeout) s=pexpect.spawn(c,timeout=defaults.timeout)
s.logfile = open('/tmp/ulgcisco.log', 'w')
## Debug logging
# s.logfile = open('/tmp/ulgcisco.log', 'w')
y=0 y=0
p=0 p=0
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