Commit 971276e5 authored by Vitaliy Vashchenko's avatar Vitaliy Vashchenko

Undo some changes in formatting.

parent 755dab3c
......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ import cz.nic.tablexia.util.Point;
* Created by Václav Tarantík on 10.8.15.
public enum Maps {
// TODO add car initial rotation
MAP1("map1", new Point(0.866f, 0.1f), new Point(0.26f, 0.85f)),
MAP2("map2", new Point(0.64f, 0.11f), new Point(0.22f, 0.75f)),
MAP3("map3", new Point(0.08f, 0.41f), new Point(0.79f, 0.71f)),
MAP3("map3", new Point(0.08f, 0.41f), new Point(0.79f, 0.71f)),// TODO add car initial rotation
MAP4("map4", new Point(0.95f, 0.33f), new Point(0.18f, 0.57f)),
MAP5("map5", new Point(0.94f, 0.12f), new Point(0.86f, 0.82f)),
MAP6("map6", new Point(0.95f, 0.17f), new Point(0.45f, 0.32f)),
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ public enum Maps {
//relatives position of checkpoints on map
private Point startPointCoords;
private Point endPointCoords;
Maps(String textureRegionName, Point startPointCoords, Point endPointCoords){
this.textureRegionName = textureRegionName;
this.startPointCoords = startPointCoords;
......@@ -44,5 +44,4 @@ public enum Maps {
public Point getEndPointCoords(){
return endPointCoords;
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