Commit 93e25022 authored by Aneta Steimarova's avatar Aneta Steimarova

#691 Added stop test if tablexia app is not running anymore.

parent eecc1d93
......@@ -276,15 +276,14 @@ def runTest(String iTestName) {
def adbStdOut = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
while(true) {
//TODO test ends in PROCESSING state (nothing found with: adb shell ps cz.nic.tablexia.itest)
def adbPS = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
def adbPSOut = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
exec {
commandLine "$adb", 'shell', "ps", "cz.nic.tablexia.itest"
standardOutput = adbPS
commandLine "$adb", 'shell', "ps", "|", "grep", "cz.nic.tablexia.itest"
standardOutput = adbPSOut
if(!adbPS.toString().contains("cz.nic.tablexia.itest")) return
if(!adbPSOut.toString().contains("cz.nic.tablexia.itest")) return //stop if test is not running anymore
if(adbStdOut.toString().trim().contains("OK")) return
if(adbStdOut.toString().trim().contains("FAIL")) return
exec {
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