Commit d160c845 authored by Vitaliy Vashchenko's avatar Vitaliy Vashchenko

#884 fixed bad regex.

parent ea2f80d9
......@@ -456,7 +456,7 @@ task prepareHdPack(dependsOn: [':util:checksum:runHdChecksum', ':util:checksum:r
def data = new URL(project.assetsDownloadUrl).getText()
rootProject.ext.assetsHdPackDir.eachFile() { file ->
String fileName = file.getName()
String[] fileNameParts = fileName.split("_SNAPSHOT\\.");
String[] fileNameParts = fileName.split("_SNAPSHOT");
String packageName = "${fileNameParts[0]}_${assetsHdChecksum[fileNameParts[0]]}${fileNameParts[1]}";
if (!data.contains(packageName)) {
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