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Socket wrapper library
This library passes all socket communication over unix domain sockets if the
environment variable SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR is set.
This library makes possible to run several instances of the full software stack
on the same machine and perform locally functional testing of complex network
configurations. It passes all socket communication over unix domain sockets.
To use socket_wrapper the following environment variables need to be set:
The user defines a directory where to put all the unix sockets using the
envionment variable "SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR=/path/to/socket_dir". When a server
opens a port or a client wants to connect, socket_wrapper will translate IP
addresses to a special socket_wrapper name and look for the relevant unix
socket in the SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR.
On MacOSX it is:
Additionally, the default interface to be used by an application is defined
with "SOCKET_WRAPPER_DEFAULT_IFACE=<ID>" where <ID> is between 2 and 254. This
is analogous to use the IPv4 addresses "127.0.0.<ID>" or IPv6 addresses
"fd00::5357:5f<IDx>" (where <IDx> is a hexadecimal presentation of <ID>). You
should always set the default interface. If you listen on INADDR_ANY then it
will use the default interface to listen on.
The following environment variables could be set:
Exmaple: \
SOCKET_WRAPPER_DIR=/path/to/socket_dir \
The following environment variables could also be set:
The default interface to use if nothing has
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