Commit db3190b0 authored by Pavel Spirek's avatar Pavel Spirek

Added: jetconf:get-list-length internal operation

parent 61fcbb66
......@@ -731,6 +731,22 @@ class BaseDatastore:
elif rpc.op_name == "jetconf:get-schema-digest":
ret_data = self._dm.schema_digest()
elif rpc.op_name == "jetconf:get-list-length":
list_url = rpc.op_input_args["url"] # type: str
except (TypeError, KeyError):
raise ValueError("This operation expects \"url\" input parameter")
if list_url == "":
list_ii = []
list_ii = self.parse_ii(list_url, PathFormat.URL)
ln_val = self._data.goto(list_ii).value
if isinstance(ln_val, list):
ret_data = {"jetconf:list-length": len(ln_val)}
raise ValueError("Passed URI does not point to List")
# User-defined operation
if self.nacm and (not rpc.skip_nacm_check):
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