Commit a846ef0a authored by Ladislav Lhotka's avatar Ladislav Lhotka

Update the test script to reflect yangson-0.1.3.

parent 8c736f82
from yangson.datamodel import DataModel
DataModel.module_dir = "/Users/lhotka/Projects/jetconf/yang"
from yangson import DataModel
module_dir = "/Users/lhotka/Projects/jetconf/yang"
with open("/Users/lhotka/Projects/jetconf/data/yang-library-data.json",
encoding="utf-8") as infile:
txt =
dm = DataModel.from_yang_library(txt)
dm = DataModel.from_yang_library(txt, module_dir)
nacm = dm.get_schema_node("/ietf-netconf-acm:nacm")
rpcname = dm.get_data_node("/ietf-netconf-acm:nacm/rule-list/rule/rpc-name")
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