Commit 2beace77 authored by Karel Slaný's avatar Karel Slaný

Removed %zu from printf because win64-mingw was complaining.

parent 165c2441
......@@ -535,11 +535,11 @@ void print_tlsalist_debug(const struct tlsa_store_head *tlsa_list)
">> %04d ---------------------------------------\n", num);
"%s: dnssec: %s (%d), cert usage: %d, selector: %d, "
"matching type: %d, assoc.hex: %s, assoc.size: %zu \n",
"matching type: %d, assoc.hex: %s, assoc.size: %u \n",
tmp->domain, get_dnssec_status(tmp->dnssec_status),
tmp->dnssec_status, tmp->cert_usage, tmp->selector,
tmp->matching_type, tmp->assochex,
(unsigned int) tmp->association_size);
"<< %04d ---------------------------------------\n", num);
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