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    Many changes in I/O and OSPF sockets and packet handling. · 48e5f32d
    Ondřej Zajíček authored
     - BSD: specify src addr on IP sockets by IP_HDRINCL
     - BSD: specify src addr on UDP sockets by IP_SENDSRCADDR
     - Linux: specify src addr on IP/UDP sockets by IP_PKTINFO
     - IPv6: specify src addr on IP/UDP sockets by IPV6_PKTINFO
     - Alternative SKF_BIND flag for binding to IP address
     - Allows IP/UDP sockets without tx_hook, on these
       sockets a packet is discarded when TX queue is full
     - Use consistently SOL_ for socket layer values.
     - Packet src addr is always explicitly set
     - Support for secondary addresses in BSD
     - Dynamic RX/TX buffers
     - Fixes some minor buffer overruns
     - Interface option 'tx length'
     - Names for vlink pseudoifaces (vlinkX)
     - Vlinks use separate socket for TX
     - Vlinks do not use fixed associated iface
     - Fixes TTL for direct unicast packets
     - Fixes DONTROUTE for OSPF sockets
     - Use ifa->ifname instead of ifa->iface->name
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