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    • Ondřej Zajíček's avatar
      Many changes in (mainly) kernel syncers. · ff2857b0
      Ondřej Zajíček authored
      - BSD kernel syncer is now self-conscious and can learn alien routes
      - important bugfix in BSD kernel syncer (crash after protocol restart)
      - many minor changes and bugfixes in kernel syncers and neighbor cache
      - direct protocol does not generate host and link local routes
      - min_scope check is removed, all routes have SCOPE_UNIVERSE by default
      - also fixes some remaining compiler warnings
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Basic support for IPv6. The system-dependent part doesn't work yet, · dce26783
      Martin Mareš authored
      but the core routines are there and seem to be working.
         o  lib/ipv6.[ch] written
         o  Lexical analyser recognizes IPv6 addresses and when in IPv6
            mode, treats pure IPv4 addresses as router IDs.
         o  Router ID must be configured manually on IPv6 systems.
         o  Added SCOPE_ORGANIZATION for org-scoped IPv6 multicasts.
         o  Fixed few places where ipa_(hton|ntoh) was called as a function
            returning converted address.
    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Kernel route syncer supports multiple tables. · 7de45ba4
      Martin Mareš authored
      The changes are just too extensive for lazy me to list them
      there, but see the comment at the top of sysdep/unix/krt.c.
      The code got a bit more ifdeffy than I'd like, though.
      Also fixed a bunch of FIXME's and added a couple of others. :)
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Cleaned up system configuration files -- removed few obsolete parameters, · 1127ac6e
      Martin Mareš authored
      documented the remaining ones (sysdep/cf/README).
      Available configurations:
         o  linux-20: Old Linux interface via /proc/net/route (selected by default
      		on pre-2.1 kernels).
         o  linux-21: Old Linux interface, but device routes handled by the
      		kernel (selected by default for 2.1 and newer kernels).
         o  linux-22: Linux with Netlink (I play with it a lot yet, so it isn't
      		a default).
         o  linux-ipv6: Prototype config for IPv6 on Linux. Not functional yet.
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    • Martin Mareš's avatar
      Rewrote the kernel syncer. The old layering was horrible. · 2d140452
      Martin Mareš authored
      The new kernel syncer is cleanly split between generic UNIX module
      and OS dependent submodules:
        -  krt.c (the generic part)
        -  krt-iface (low-level functions for interface handling)
        -  krt-scan (low-level functions for routing table scanning)
        -  krt-set (low-level functions for setting of kernel routes)
      krt-set and krt-iface are common for all BSD-like Unices, krt-scan is heavily
      system dependent (most Unices require /dev/kmem parsing, Linux uses /proc),
      Netlink substitues all three modules.
      We expect each UNIX port supports kernel routing table scanning, kernel
      interface table scanning, kernel route manipulation and possibly also
      asynchronous event notifications (new route, interface state change;
      not implemented yet) and build the KRT protocol on the top of these
      primitive operations.
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