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      Basic support for IPv6. The system-dependent part doesn't work yet, · dce26783
      Martin Mareš authored
      but the core routines are there and seem to be working.
         o  lib/ipv6.[ch] written
         o  Lexical analyser recognizes IPv6 addresses and when in IPv6
            mode, treats pure IPv4 addresses as router IDs.
         o  Router ID must be configured manually on IPv6 systems.
         o  Added SCOPE_ORGANIZATION for org-scoped IPv6 multicasts.
         o  Fixed few places where ipa_(hton|ntoh) was called as a function
            returning converted address.
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      Added simple event scheduling system to avoid recursive calling · e8f73195
      Martin Mareš authored
      of various callbacks.
      Events are just another resource type objects (thus automatically freed
      and unlinked when the protocol using them shuts down). Each event can
      be linked in at most one event list. For most purposes, just use the
      global event list handled by the following functions:
      	ev_schedule	Schedule event to be called at the next event
      			scheduling point. If the event was already
      			scheduled, it's just re-linked to the end of the list.
      	ev_postpone	Postpone an already scheduled event, so that it
      			won't get called. Postponed events can be scheduled
      			again by ev_schedule().
      You can also create custom event lists to build your own synchronization
      primitives. Just use:
      	ev_init_list	to initialize an event list
      	ev_enqueue	to schedule event on specified event list
      	ev_postpone	works as well for custom lists
      	ev_run_list	to run all events on your custom list
      	ev_run		to run a specific event and dequeue it
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