Commit f14032ef authored by Ondřej Filip's avatar Ondřej Filip

First part of tracing.

parent 51cff78b
......@@ -15,7 +15,8 @@ ospf_start(struct proto *p)
struct ospf_config *c=(struct ospf_config *)(p->cf);
struct ospf_area_config *ac;
struct ospf_area *oa;
debug("%s: Start\n",p->name);
fib_init(&po->efib,p->pool,sizeof(struct extfib),16,init_efib);
......@@ -63,26 +64,25 @@ ospf_dump(struct proto *p)
struct proto_ospf *po=(struct proto_ospf *)p;
struct ospf_area *oa;
debug("%s: Area number: %d\n", p->name, po->areano);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Area number: %d\n", po->areano);
WALK_LIST(ifa, po->iface_list)
debug("%s: Interface: %s\n", p->name, ifa->iface->name);
debug("%s: state: %u\n", p->name, ifa->state);
debug("%s: DR: %I\n", p->name, ifa->drid);
debug("%s: BDR: %I\n", p->name, ifa->bdrid);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Interface: %s", ifa->iface->name);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "state: %u", ifa->state);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "DR: %I", ifa->drid);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "BDR: %I", ifa->bdrid);
WALK_LIST(n, ifa->neigh_list)
debug("%s: neighbor %I in state %u\n", p->name, n->rid, n->state);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, " neighbor %I in state %u\n", n->rid, n->state);
WALK_LIST(NODE oa,po->area_list)
debug("\n%s: LSA graph dump for area \"%I\" start:\n", p->name,oa->areaid);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "LSA graph dump for area \"%I\" start:", oa->areaid);
debug("%s: LSA graph dump for area \"%I\" finished\n\n", p->name,
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "LSA graph dump for area \"%I\" finished", oa->areaid);
......@@ -96,7 +96,6 @@ ospf_init(struct proto_config *c)
struct ospf_area_config *ac;
struct ospf_iface_patt *patt;
debug("OSPF: Init requested.\n");
p->import_control = ospf_import_control;
p->make_tmp_attrs = ospf_make_tmp_attrs;
p->store_tmp_attrs = ospf_store_tmp_attrs;
......@@ -176,7 +175,7 @@ schedule_rt_lsa(struct ospf_area *oa)
struct proto_ospf *po=oa->po;
struct proto *p=&po->proto;
debug("%s: Scheduling RT lsa origination for area %I.\n", p->name,
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Scheduling RT lsa origination for area %I.",
......@@ -187,7 +186,7 @@ schedule_rtcalc(struct ospf_area *oa)
struct proto_ospf *po=oa->po;
struct proto *p=&po->proto;
debug("%s: Scheduling RT calculation for area %I.\n", p->name,
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Scheduling RT calculation for area %I.",
......@@ -241,7 +240,7 @@ ospf_shutdown(struct proto *p)
struct ospf_iface *ifa;
struct ospf_neighbor *n;
struct ospf_area *oa;
debug("%s: Shutdown requested\n", p->name);
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Shutdown requested\n");
/* And send to all my neighbors 1WAY */
WALK_LIST(ifa, po->iface_list)
......@@ -258,7 +257,7 @@ ospf_rt_notify(struct proto *p, net *n, rte *new, rte *old, ea_list *attrs)
struct proto_ospf *po=(struct proto_ospf *)p;
debug("%s: Got route %I/%d %s\n", p->name, n->n.prefix,
OSPF_TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Got route %I/%d %s\n", p->name, n->n.prefix,
n->n.pxlen, new ? "up" : "down");
if(new) /* Got some new route */
......@@ -9,9 +9,15 @@
#ifndef _BIRD_OSPF_H_
#define _BIRD_OSPF_H_
#define SIPH 64 /* FIXME Size Of IP header */
#define MAXNETS 10
#define OSPF_TRACE(flags, msg, args...) do { if ((p->debug & flags) || OSPF_FORCE_DEBUG) \
log(L_TRACE "%s: " msg, p->name , ## args ); } while(0)
#include "nest/bird.h"
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