Commit e62cd033 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

BGP: Fix graceful restart timer

Should use remote value, not local value.
parent 4842eeaa
......@@ -689,8 +689,11 @@ bgp_handle_graceful_restart(struct bgp_proto *p)
c->packets_to_send = 0;
/* p->gr_ready -> at least one active channel is c->gr_ready */
ASSERT(p->gr_active_num > 0);
proto_notify_state(&p->p, PS_START);
bgp_start_timer(p->gr_timer, p->conn->local_caps->gr_time);
bgp_start_timer(p->gr_timer, p->conn->remote_caps->gr_time);
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