Commit d92882be authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš

WALK_LIST_DELSAFE now actually works (it really couldn't since it didn't

reference list head at all).
parent c05ea56f
......@@ -20,12 +20,10 @@ typedef struct list { /* In fact two overlayed nodes */
#define NODE (node *)
#define HEAD(list) ((void *)((list).head))
#define TAIL(list) ((void *)((list).tail))
#define WALK_LIST(n,list) for((n)=HEAD(list);(NODE (n))->next; \
#define WALK_LIST(n,list) for(n=HEAD(list);(NODE (n))->next; \
n=(void *)((NODE (n))->next))
#define WALK_LIST_DELSAFE(n,ne,list) \
for( ne = (void *) (NODE n)->next; \
ne; \
ne = (void *) (NODE (n=ne))->next )
#define WALK_LIST_DELSAFE(n,nxt,list) \
for(n=HEAD(list); nxt=(void *)((NODE (n))->next); n=(void *) nxt)
#define EMPTY_LIST(list) (!(list).head->next)
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