Commit c7d7794b authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš

Added a tool for processing of developer documentation.

Everything is controlled by Doc files in source directories (see the
corresponding programmer's manual entry for the format and look
at Doc and lib/Doc for an example).

Currently it generates HTML indices and calls kernel-doc to generate
per-section HTML files.
parent 249d238c
$srcdir = $ARGV[0];
open(OUT, ">prog/index.html") || die "Cannot create output file";
html_header(*OUT{IO}, "BIRD: The Developer's Guide");
print OUT "<H1>BIRD: The Developer's Guide</H1>\n";
print OUT "<UL>\n";
print OUT "</UL>\n";
close OUT;
exit 0;
sub process {
my $dir = shift @_;
print "$dir/Doc\n";
open(IN, "$srcdir/$dir/Doc") || die "Unable to read $dir/Doc";
my @docfile = <IN>;
my @stack = ();
close IN;
push @docfile, "X\n";
foreach $_ (@docfile) {
/^#/ && next;
/^(\.*)([A-Z]+)\s*(.*)/ || die "Parse error: $_";
$indent = length $1;
$cmd = $2;
$arg = $3;
while (@stack > $indent) {
$x = pop @stack;
if ($x eq "H") { print OUT "</UL>\n"; }
elsif ($x eq "F") { html_footer(*AUX{IO}); close AUX; }
else { print STDERR "Unknown stack element $x\n"; }
(@stack == $indent) or die "Invalid nesting: $_";
if ($cmd eq "C") { process("$dir/$arg"); }
elsif ($cmd eq "H") {
push @stack, "H";
print OUT "<LI>$arg";
print OUT "<UL>\n";
} elsif ($cmd eq "F") {
$arg =~ /^(\S+)\s+(.*)$/ || die "Invalid command: $_";
push @stack, "F";
print " $1\n";
open(AUX, ">prog/$1.html") || die "Unable to create output file";
print OUT "<LI><A HREF=\"$1.html\">$2</A>\n";
html_header(*AUX{IO}, "BIRD: $2");
} elsif ($cmd eq "S") {
print " $arg\n";
open(DOC, "cd $srcdir/$dir ; $srcdir/doc/kernel-doc -html $arg |") || die "Unable to start kernel-doc";
while (<DOC>) { print AUX; }
close DOC;
} elsif ($cmd eq "X") {
} else { die "Unknown command: $cmd"; }
sub html_header {
my $out = shift @_;
my $title = shift @_;
print $out <<EOF
<LINK REV=MADE HREF="mailto:bird\">
sub html_footer {
my $out = shift @_;
print $out <<EOF
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