Commit b475c543 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš

Fix comments.

parent 9196e9f8
......@@ -293,15 +293,15 @@ typedef struct eattr {
#define EAF_TYPE_OPAQUE 0x02 /* Opaque byte string (not filterable) */
#define EAF_TYPE_IP_ADDRESS 0x04 /* IP address */
#define EAF_TYPE_ROUTER_ID 0x05 /* Router ID (IPv4 address) */
#define EAF_TYPE_AS_PATH 0x06 /* BGP AS path (encoding per RFC 1771) */
#define EAF_TYPE_INT_SET 0x0a /* Set of integers (e.g., a community list) */
#define EAF_TYPE_AS_PATH 0x06 /* BGP AS path (encoding per RFC 1771:4.3) */
#define EAF_TYPE_INT_SET 0x0a /* Set of u32's (e.g., a community list) */
#define EAF_TYPE_UNDEF 0x0f /* `force undefined' entry */
#define EAF_EMBEDDED 0x01 /* Data stored in (part of type spec) */
#define EAF_VAR_LENGTH 0x02 /* Attribute length is variable (part of type spec) */
#define EAF_TEMP 0x80 /* A temporary attribute (the one stored in the tmp attr list) */
struct adata {
unsigned int length; /* Only size of actuall data, not including length field */
unsigned int length; /* Length of data */
byte data[0];
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