Commit a5b84ab5 authored by Ondrej 'Feela' Filip's avatar Ondrej 'Feela' Filip

NEWS updated.

parent eb3786e4
Version 1.3.0 (2011-03-31)
o Proper iBGP.
o Proper iBGP (can be used with IGP).
o Multipath support (OSPF and static).
o L2 link state detection.
o IPv6 router advertisements.
o Much improved OSPF reconfiguration.
o Point-to-MultiPoint interfaces (OSPF).
o Minor changes and improvements in config file grammar.
o Better community list matching
o Changes default behavior of BGP IPv6 socket to v6only.
Use 'listen bgp dual' for the old behavior.
o Changes default for handling missing link-local addresses on
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